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The Faculty of Liberal Arts strives to be a leading institution of higher education dedicated to promoting academic and vocational excellence, fostering student autonomy, ethical awareness, and global citizenship, and instilling a sense of community responsibility through innovation and technology.

A Leading Vocational Education Provider with an Emphasis on Hands-on Learning

L – Leadership
A – Action
R – Responsibility
M – Maturity
U – Unity
T – Technology
P – Professional

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Academic Programs (Curriculum)

Academic Programs

The Faculty of Liberal Arts offers a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in Tourism, Hospitality, English for International Communication, and Applied Thai for foreign students. The faculty also provides fundamental subjects for other faculty’s students in English, Thai, Humanity, Social Sciences, Physical Education and Recreation.

  • Hospitality
    -Bachelor of Arts (Hotel and Hospitality (4- Year Regular))

  • Tourism
    -Bachelor of Arts (Tourism and Hospitality (4-Year Regular))
    -Bachelor of Arts (Tourism and Hospitality (2-Year Regular [Continuing]))
    -Bachelor of Arts (Tourism and Hospitality (2-Year Special))

  • English for International Communication
    -Bachelor of Arts (English for International Communication (4-Year Regular))

  • Applied Thai
    -Bachelor of Arts (Applied Thai for Career and Communicative innovation)